BidiPass NodeJS SDK

BidiPass is an identity authentication protocol designed to strengthen today’s KYC model that global businesses depend on.

This repository contains BidiPass NodeJS SDK.


  • [ ] Node.JS >=v8
  • [ ] ganache-cli (development only)
  • [ ] truffle (development only)


  • npm install @bidipass/sdk


Command Line Tool


  • $(npm bin)/bidipass --help
alexanderc@MacBook-Pro:~/Desktop/Projects/exchange$ $(npm bin)/bidipass --help
bidipass <command>

  bidipass admin <command>     Manage admins
  bidipass fake-identity       Fake an identity
  bidipass generate-account    Generate new blockchain account
  bidipass info                Show distribution information
  bidipass provider <command>  Manage providers

  --key, -k      BidiPass private key
  -h, --help     Show help                                             [boolean]
  -v, --version  Show version number                                   [boolean]

Copyright BidiPass 2018

Commands are nested, e.g. $(npm bin)/bidipass provider manager add. You can write --help to see information about every command.



  • npm install

Running Tests:

  • cd ../blockchain
  • npm run rpc
  • cd ../sdk
  • npm init-dev
  • npm test

In order to debug please add DEBUG='@bidipass/sdk:*' when running npm test. This feature is using debug package; please refer to it when using.

Another option to generate dump QR code for an identity in working directory is adding BIDIPASS_DUMP_QR=1 environment variable when running tests.


  • Deploy blockchain using npm run migrate (production)
  • npm run init
  • npm run docs
  • npm pack or npm publish

npm run init synchronizes network configuration file (blockchain/truffle.json), which contains default network setup used by clients. Be very careful with this as it is being used in production!